Progressive Engagement for the Win!

At some level, most software companies navigate a relationship progression with prospective customers that includes the following elements: Discovery. A hypothetical developer discovers and downloads the trial version of a vendor's solution. The developer's initial objectives are a) to learn … Read More

Lead Momentum – Cool Tool for Marketing Geeks

Leads come from many different sources – inbound marketing, community cross-over, raw website registrations, integrated media programs, email campaigns and other promotional activities. While it's important to track and measure leads from each source, it's also vital to understand lead … Read More

Tracking Product Downloads and Registrations

Software downloads are a key metric for all open source vendors, as well as for proprietary vendors who offer freemium versions of their products.  Tracking the volume of software downloads provides management with a good benchmark of anonymous community interest … Read More

Instrumenting Your Volume Market Engine

Everyone understands the concepts of a market funnel – leads are loaded into the top from various sources; they go through some level of qualification and scoring before being passed to sales; and the sales team then develops them further … Read More