Fred Holahan

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  I am a business and technology leader with deep experience bringing software products to market.  I specialize in building content-fueled demand engines that produce quality leads and accelerate pipeline conversions.  Although modern marketing, CRM and social media apps provide a framework for automation and scale, organizations must complement those tools with high value content to systematically lead buyers through the engagement journey.  A career-long marketer – including CMO roles at open source database leaders VoltDB and EnterpriseDB – I help clients build content strategies that drive lead conversions and bookings.

Much of my work is strategic, but I'm also a hands-on content marketer with working knowledge of tools like WordPress, Drupal, Google Analytics, marketing automation and social media.  I am often the author of clients' high-value content, including white papers, product brochures, website copy and executive dashboards.  My tech domain focus is primarily in database (RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop), cloud application stacks, service orchestration and Industrial IoT.

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Fred has great depth in content-driven marketing.  He was instrumental in aligning our product and sales strategies around progressive engagement, and he has the smarts to put strategy and plans in motion.

Ed Boyajian, CEO

We brought Fred into ownCloud when we were struggling to scale.  He immediately helped us develop a viable content strategy, build high-value assets and define the metrics we needed to operationalize our volume market engine.

Larry Alston, former President

We turned to Open Source Advisory for expertise in instrumenting our volume market dashboards.  Fred's unique expertise allowed us to cut through the clutter and quickly identify the key metrics of our content marketing operation.

Scott Jarr, Chief Strategy Officer